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TMC Professional Standards Request

Welcome to your IBT Local 1108 TMC Professional Standards Committee (TMC Pro-Stans).  Your TMC Negotiating Committee has successfully obtained a Letter of Agreement ("LOA"), officially recognizing the benefits of a Professional Standards Committee.  Our ultimate goal is to promote and ensure the highest standards of safety and professionalism among all Travel Management pilots.  All information disclosed to TMC Pro-Stans Committee Members is handled with the highest confidentiality.

Your Professional Standards Committee is made up of five of your fellow dedicated pilots:

TMC Professional Standards Committee -

Two Scenarios where your Pro-Stans Committee may be used:

  1. Issues brought to Pro-Stans by Crew Member(s); or
  2. Issues brought to Pro-Stans by TMC Management

Regardless of which scenario, we will first have to decide whether or not we can assist in the matter.  One of two outcomes will result when Management is involved:

  1. "The matter has been resolved"; or
  2. "The Pro-Stans Committee is unable to be of assistance"

Nothing else will be said.  Our goal is to resolve the issue and move on.

Your Professional Standards Committee WILL address:

  • Address issues of a professional or ethical nature involving pilots.
  • Resolve issues of pilot misconduct that affect flight deck safety and/or professionalism within certain guidelines.
  • Resolve issues between pilots that may affect flight deck safety and/or professionalism.
  • Resolve issues between a pilot and a member or another individual that may affect flight deck safety and/or professionalism.
  • Resolve issues arising out of conduct perceived as reflecting unfavorably upon the company.
  • Promote the highest standards of professional conduct through regular communication with the pilot group.
  • Examples of situations that ARE handled by the Professional Standards Committee include but are not limited to:
    • Personality Conflict
    • Non-Adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
    • Crew Coordination Issues
    • Distracting Personal Habits
    • Harassment Awareness (within guidelines)

The Professional Standards Committee WILL NOT address:

  • FAA Enforcement/Violation Cases
  • Substance Abuse Problems
  • Medically Related Issues
  • Legal Problems
  • Proficiency Situations
  • Actual Harassment (sexual, physical or psychological)

Contact your TMC Professional Standards Committee, or have a member contact you.

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All members of the TMC Professional Standards Committee have agreed to and signed Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreements.  There will be no records, write-ups, or Human Resource involvement of any Pro-Stans issues.  Furthermore, the Pro-Stans LOA stipulates that the pilot's involvement with the TMC Pro-Stans Committee cannot be used as evidence or even referred to in any disciplinary hearing conducted by Travel Management Company.

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