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  • VUH open to all Onesky Pilots
    Updated On: Apr 14, 2018

    Fellow Pilots,

    In the coming weeks, this pilot group will be faced with a difficult decision: to remain a unionized group or to decertify the union and become at-will employees. With a steady stream of disinformation coming from the OneSky decertification effort, this choice may prove to be a challenging one for some. However, Local 1108 wants to ensure every pilot has access to the information needed to make an informed decision. With this in mind, Union Leadership will allow all pilots access to the Local 1108 Virtual Union Hall (VUH). With the single exception of members of management, all pilots will be able to read the information posted on the VUH and participate in the conversation by responding with his or her own reply.

    Union representatives hope this will allow for the free exchange of information concerning the choice sitting before the pilot group. As a reminder, Local 1108 leaders ask that the exchanges on the VUH remain respectful and courteous.

    To register for access, please visit the VUH website at, and follow the next several steps:

    041318 FOFX-txt

    Union Leadership looks forward to providing information, answering questions and having a candid discussion about the collective future of the pilot group.

    In Unity,

    The IBT Local 1108 Executive Board
    Efrem Vojta, President
    Scott Denison, Vice President
    AJ McAnelly, Secretary-Treasurer
    Gary Glore, Recording-Secretary
    Rick Katai, Trustee
    Doug Martin, Trustee
    Mike Brown, Trustee

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