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January 23, 2018

OneSky MCBA Becomes Effective!

(December 23, 2017)  In a message to OneSky pilots, Executive Council Chairman John Barclay announced that agreement had finally been reached with management on the Merged Collective Bargaining Agreement (“MCBA”). Captain Barclay wrote:

“We have reached agreement with OneSky management concerning the Merged Collective Bargaining Agreement (“MCBA”). Letters of Agreement between your Union and the Company make the MCBA effective October 10, 2017. Flexjet and Flight Options pilots now have the benefits and protections of a new legally enforceable contract. Negotiations for improvements to that contract will continue pursuant to Section 6 of the Railway Labor Act.  

Your Union representatives are happy to report that Pilot compensation will be adjusted to conform to the MCBA retroactive to October 10, 2017 and reimbursements made no later than the January 15, 2018, including but not limited to overtime payments, bonuses, and an additional year of longevity for Flexjet Pilots who upgraded to Captain.”

TMC Negotiations Update

(December 19, 2017) Mediation for the future Collective Bargaining Agreement (“CBA”) resumed on Tuesday, December 12, 2017, at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters office in Washington D.C.

The sessions, which are monitored by National Mediation Board (“NMB”) Mediator Jane Allen, began with CEO Scott Wise giving an update on the state of the Company. Mr. Wise stated that recent meetings with the TMC’s lenders had gone well and management was still looking at lease options on additional aircraft, including the possibility of leasing additional Nextants. VP of Operations Chip Schultz gave a pilot recruiting update.  He reported the Company had received 37 applications last week and there were seven new hires in class. However, the Company was still short of reaching management’s goal of 145 pilots by year’s end.  Mr. Schultz stated the Company is trying to reduce attrition to “around” 30% annually.

Discussions then turned to the issue raised recently by the Union with management regarding upgrade bids and the Seniority Letter of Agreement (“LOA”) that was signed in January 2017. The Union’s position, as stated in the recent email to all pilots, was that management was not in compliance with the terms and spirit of the LOA, since they were not maintaining an extra Captain in the Hawker fleet and had restricted which pilots were eligible to bid open vacancies, based on their current Position.  

Additionally, it was pointed out that the upcoming schedule bid again required Check Airmen and Standards Captains to be in a separate group for bidding next year’s schedule and that it is wrong to penalize pilots who volunteer for these vital leadership roles. The Union stated that a pilot should be able to bid and be awarded schedules according to their overall seniority, just like every other line pilot.  

Management stated they would consider the seniority issues, but that schedule bidding would remain the same for Check Airmen and Standards Captains, because “it works” for them.  

Union negotiators presented the latest counter-proposals for Sections 16, 18 and 20. Following a discussion on the open paragraphs, agreement was reached on all but one of the open items in Section 7; furlough pay remained unresolved.  Management then presented their latest counter-proposal for Section 10—Sick Leave. Although some movement was evident, management held fast to their previous position that only three sick days per year was adequate for TMC pilots; an opinion that union representatives expressed their strong disagreement with.

After a short caucus and a visit from Airline Division Director Captain David Bourne; bargaining resumed. Agreement was reached on furlough pay, which was the last remaining open item in Section 7. This tentatively agreed (“TA’d”) section will become an important part of the future CBA, since it contains industry-standard protections in the event of any down-sizing.

Negotiators then presented management with counter-proposals for Section 10 and Section 29—Retirement Plans, which concluded bargaining for this session.

Before everyone left, Mediator Allen thanked both sides for a productive meeting and reviewed the agenda for next month’s bargaining session, which will be held in Cincinnati OH, January 17th -19th, 2018.

About IBT Local 1108

Teamsters Local 1108 provides professional pilot representation in the Fractional Aircraft Ownership segment of the aviation industry whereby business aircraft usage is divided into fractions and marketed as shares. Union leadership anticipates strong growth for the foreseeable future in the industry, which ultimately translates into continued growth in Union membership.

The Union is focused on the professional representation of pilots with a stated mission of securing and enhancing job security, wages, benefits, and work rules governing professional aviators. The Local Union Executive Board is committed to defending a profession that is continuously under corporate attack by demanding a safety-conscious work environment as well as a compensation schedule and benefits package commensurate with industry standards.

Leadership is committed to advocating for a safe work environment, ensuring contract compliance, seeking dispute resolution, providing timely, relevant membership communication, sharing information, developing and offering on-site and web-based education programs, preparing for and participating in collective bargaining, initiating family awareness campaigns, making self-help preparations, organizing fellow pilot groups, and promoting professional standards.

The simplicity of the Local 1108 operating philosophy has proved successful: The Union is a democratic organization committed to representing the membership. As such, it is the responsibility of the elected officers, staff, and volunteers to represent the collective needs of the pilot group. This philosophy has generated a significant amount of pilot support which has translated into a culture of unity, pride and strength. An informed, educated, and empowered pilot group supported by a Union who listens, responds, develops and executes has proved to be very effective. Continued expansion and reinforcement of this level of unity, pride and strength will empower leadership to make unprecedented gains on the membership’s behalf. 

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